Add your whole team

Way We Do is for your whole team and becomes your knowledge management system to retain expertise and increase the skills in your organisation.

You can add as many people as you like within Way We Do and remove them with a click of a button when they no longer work within the business. Way We Do also tells you if they accepted your invitation to join your company manual and when they last logged in.

Add your whole team to Way We Do

You simply select the roles your team members are responsible for which can be one or multiple roles. This will assist with creating manuals for specific roles within your business and showing information that is only relevant to that team member.

In addition to roles, you can select an editing role where each team members can be an administrator, an editor or a user. Administrators have full access to all features of Way We Do, whereas editors have restricted access, however are able to edit procedure documents. “Users” simply have “ready only” access and cannot modify procedures.

Systemize your business with Way We Do today.