Most business owners focus upon increasing sales in order to generate cashflow in the business, however, many forget to also build an asset at the same time.  You see, your business is not an asset until you are able to protect it, so it can generate value.

Ways that you can protect your business are:

  • Register trademarks and patents
  • Ensure effective contracts with customers and suppliers
  • Systematize your business and document it (with Way We Do)

Way We Do enables you to systematize your business and document the way you do things, in order to protect the business.

You simply can not sell or transition a business if all the information about managing it is in your head.  If your business is not systematized and documented, buyers would see it as a risky transaction, and therefore makes it less attractive to purchase.

BizBuySell‘s national report showed that approximately 20% of listed businesses for sale had closed a sales transaction in 2016.  This statistic equates to – 80% of marketed businesses never being sold!

Additionally, as your business grows and it starts to rely upon the expertise of key individuals within the organization, the continuity of your business is at risk should they leave.  If you or a key person in your company were to get ill and leave the business for a period of time or permanently, how would that impact the running of the business?

Systematizing your business and documenting it retains key processes and knowledge within the business, so should key people leave, your organization is protected.

IP Protection

Protect Your IP with Way We Do

With Way We Do, you can systematize your business and document policies, procedures and processes to protect your intellectual property and ensure business continuity in unexpected events.

If you need assistance with mapping out your processes and writing your procedures, speak with us to recommend a consultant that’s right for your business.

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