Sales Management Policies, Procedures and Process Templates and Training

    Streamline the sales process in your business by adding sales specific policies and procedures to your online Business Operations Manual on Way We Do. Include items such as your sales process, discounting policy, communication do’s and don’ts, telephone sales training, product training, creating sales plans, sales techniques and more. Explore Way We Do’s sales templates to improve the performance of your team today.

  • Sales Communication Checklist

    The “Sales Communication Checklist” is designed for sales people within your organisation to prepare standard presentations, messages and responses. The completion of the tasks within the checklist helps you to be confident that your sales team is presen

  • Telemarketing To A New List

    This procedure ties in with the “Telemarketing Script Development” procedure. Once you have created your scripts, use the “Telemarketing to a new List” procedure to coach your sales people to increase qualified prospects.

  • Writing and Sending Proposals

    Ensuring that you and your team has a consistent way of preparing and submitting proposals to customers will increase productivity and improve your chances of winning sales. This procedure outlines a process for preparing proposals using your templates

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