Way We Do provides the information and insights you need to run your team efficiently and consistently.


Reporting Policies and Procedures

You'll love what Way We Do reports can do for you

Management Insights

Way We Do provides valuable usage metrics that you can use to make ongoing improvements to your systems and processes.

Status Reporting

Remotely monitor your team to learn what is happening, see who is meeting expectations, and follow the progress of tasks and jobs.

Proof of Compliance

Provide data-based evidence that your team is complying with required policies and procedures.

Way We Do Reports

Way We Do offers different types of reports to help you improve processes, track progress, and monitor your team's activity.

Checklist Instance

Easily view the entire record of any Activated Checklist Instance. Reports contain information about when the instance was started, the date and time steps were checked off, the comments that were made, and who on the team performed each action. The bottom of the report also shows a timestamp for the total completion time of the instance.


The Acceptance Report contains information about which team members have reviewed, understood and accepted policies and procedures. The report can easily be printed to demonstrate compliance and meet requirements.

Way We Do's Dashboard
  • Revision Dates

    This report shows a schedule of upcoming reviews for policies, procedures and checklists, and clearly shows who is responsible for performing the review and updating the information.

  • Tasks

    This report allows you to view all the recurring tasks that have been assigned within the organization, as well as the roles that are responsible for completing each task.

  • Procedure Register

    Easily export and print a list of procedures from your manual. Listed policies and procedures can be sorted and organized according to title, role, status, editor, and labels.

  • Review History

    View a full history of each procedure that has been placed in Pending Review status. You can search by procedure, label, or reviewer, and the report will contain all activity and comments attached to the review process.

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