Know that your team is reading policies and procedures as they are updated by requiring each User to sign acceptance.


Policy and Procedure Acceptance

Reasons to Add Acceptance Criteria

Policy and Procedure Acceptance

Proof of Compliance

Required acceptance is an easy way to track employee engagement as part of a compliance or internal acknowledgement program.

Protection & Accountability

Asking team members to read and sign their acceptance on policies and procedures protects both the employer and employee, and holds team members accountable.

Acceptance Reports

Administrators can view and print reports that detail who has read and accepted policies and procedures.

  • Accept Once

    Accept Once

    Team members are prompted to read and accept the policy or procedure once only. This is helpful for procedures that have important information that is not likely to change. For example: Where the kitchen and toilet facilities are located.

  • Accept After Each Change

    Each time the procedure is updated, Way We Do will email the team the next day at 7am, asking them to review it and re-accept the policy or procedure. The email will be sent daily until they accept the procedure.

    Accept After Each Change
  • Repeat Acceptance

    Repeat Acceptance

    Important policies and procedures such as health and safety, workplace expectations, and compliance requirements need to be fresh in the minds of team members. To help you do this, Way We Do allows you to set repeat acceptance requirements to monthly, quarterly, annually, or after each change.

  • Reporting

    Administrators can view who has and hasn't accepted policies and procedures at any given time. Reports can be sorted by individual policy or procedure, by role, and by team member.

    Acceptance Report
  • Policy and Procedure Acceptance

    Acceptance Sign-off

    It is not possible for team members to accidentally bypass acceptance requirements since users are required to read a legal statement, click a checkbox, and enter their username and password in order to signal acceptance of a procedure.

  • Accepted Procedure Snapshot

    Way We Do records a snapshot of the version of the procedure that was accepted at that specific point in time. It then injects data into the footer of the procedure acceptance report including the name of the team member who accepted it, along with an email address, and time and date stamp.

    Accepted Policy & Procedure Snapshot

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