Way We Do is the ultimate workflow assistant. Our tools and features make it easy for business owners to digitally transform their businesses by smoothly integrating processes and procedures into the daily workflow of the entire team.

Our Activated Checklists help team members perform repeatable processes efficiently and accurately by providing clear instructions in an interactive format, and automatic task reminders help ensure that important tasks and deadlines never fall through the cracks. Managers and supervisors love Way We Do because it allows them to monitor and review work progress in real time without having to stop their own work to micromanage the team.

Way We Do is Made for You:

  • Way We Do is centralized and accessible. Policies, procedures, checklists and workflows are in the cloud, accessible from any location, on any device, at any time.
  • Organization charts offer a holistic approach. Easily create workflows based upon assigned roles and responsibilities.
  • Provided templates and optional pre-written content makes it easy to create different types of Policies, procedures, and checklists.
  • Compliance comes naturally since the team is regularly using the policies, procedures, and processes that govern compliance. Way We Do retains records of users (employees, franchisees, partners) who have accepted policies and procedures, and all activity is recorded through Activated Checklists so proving compliance is as easy as clicking the print button.
  • Way We Do integrates with over 1,000 web applications, so you can work in the way that works best for your team.
  • Information is always up to date. Way We Do automatically reminds editors to update SOPs on a schedule you choose.
  • Security is our priority. Your data is secured at the database/server, software application, and user levels. Each of these
    levels has multiple points of security to safeguard your information.
Low learning curve

Low learning curve, easy to use

Our customers say that Way We Do is an easy to learn platform for both editors, and general users.

We’re here to help you to setup your account on Way We Do by loading your existing content and workflows, and assisting you to create new ones.

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