Easily assign and schedule Recurring Tasks for each organizational role with Way We Do.


Recurring Tasks Management Software

3 Reasons to Assign Tasks in Way We Do

Recurring Tasks Management Software

Visual Reminders

Once tasks are assigned, automatic emails and notifications remind team members of recurring jobs and tasks that need to be done.


Since tasks are assigned to specific team members, there is no doubt about who is responsible for completing the task.


Assigned tasks and automatic notifications help team members to take responsibility for the work they should be completing.

  • Assign Tasks to Roles

    Assign Roles

    Administrators and editors can assign roles to each recurring task so that team members always know who is responsible for completing the task, and managers can accurately monitor the progress of the task.

  • Due Times

    Way We Do allows you to assign a due date and time to each task. Set due times in the team member's own time zone, or within the head office time zone, and set a date of when notifications are to be started.

    Task Time
  • Task Frequency


    You have complete control over notifications and completion schedules. Tailor your schedule and set a frequency of how often task reminders are sent based on when the job needs to be done.

  • Dashboard

    Tasks are listed on each user’s dashboard for easy access so team members will know what is relevant to them immediately when they log into Way We Do.

    Tasks Dashboard
  • Task Reminder Emails

    Reminder Emails

    Reminder emails are sent daily at 7am with a list of tasks due that day. The email includes the name of each task, the time it is due, and a link to the procedure or checklist that should be used to complete the task.

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