Accounting and Bookkeeping Procedures Manual Templates

    Create an accounting policies and procedures manual for your team to implement bookkeeping and finance tasks internally and how they should be liaising with your finance professionals including your accountant and bookkeeper. Explore the range of finance procedures available to add to your Standard Operating Procedures manual on Way We Do.

  • Create and Send Customer Invoices Procedure (Revenue)

    This procedure documents the steps involved with creating and sending customer invoices for services and products provided by your company.

  • Depositing Cash and Cheques at the Bank Procedure

    This procedure focuses upon depositing cash and cheques at the bank. This task is extremely important to ensure that your business has enough cash in the bank.

  • Importing Bank Statements into [Accounting Software Name]

    The purpose of maintaining the latest bank statements within accounting software is to show the correct financial position for your business at any time. Without importing an electronic bank statement into your accounting software, entering each transact

  • Mid-Year Accounts and Tax Review with Accountant

    Booking in a mid-year review with an accountant is a wise practice to adopt. Gaining input from your accountant will ensure your accounts are managed correctly and you can seek advice for tax planning purposes.

  • Receiving Receipts and Invoices (Expenses)

    The “Receiving Receipts and Invoices” procedure informs all team members to place any incoming receipts and invoices in a central area for the Bookkeeper to process.

  • Reconcile Incoming Invoices (Expenses)

    When expenses are added into your accounting software, you will need to reconcile outgoing payment transactions from your bank statement. This procedure documents when reconciliation of incoming invoices is required and the steps involved in completing t

  • Send Past Due Letter Template and Process

    Managing cashflow is extremely important to all businesses. That is why asking customers to pay when they are overdue requires prompt attention.

  • Submitting an Expense Reimbursement Claim Form (Paper Based)

    Sometimes team members make purchases on behalf of the company which require reimbursement. This procedure informs team members how to submit an expense reimbursement claim form.

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