Marketing Management Policy and Procedures Manual Templates

    Create a consistent marketing process in your business by creating a policy and procedures manual. Your manual is recommended to include what, when and how you do marketing in your business including how you manage external suppliers. Items such as marketing plan templates, communication do’s and don’t’s, brand guidelines, how to send an email campaign and more are ideal tasks to be included. Explore the marketing procedure templates available on Way We Do to add to your online SOP manual.

  • Create a Gaddie Pitch (Elevator Pitch)

    A “Gaddie Pitch” is a type of elevator pitch that is prepared and practiced for when you and the team speak to others about your business. It’s a way to keep listeners interested and to generate more leads and opportunities.

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Procedure and Templates

    Having highly satisfied customers is integral to any business. Implementing a “Customer Satisfaction Survey” helps you to know what your customers think about your business so that you tweak your system to improve satisfaction and overall performance.

  • Ideal Customer Profile

    Identifying your ideal customer and sharing that with your team is extremely powerful. It means that your energy in marketing and sales is spent targeting the right customer which will bring you more profit, increased cashflow and less stress.

  • One Page Marketing Plan Process and Template

    The one page Marketing Plan procedure and template provides a guide to plan an overall strategy and promotional activity for the year. It is designed to contain the core elements of a traditional marketing plan, however taking reduced time to complete it

  • Purchasing a Prospect List

    Purchasing a calling and mailing list assists you to build a list of prospective customers to help grow your business. Fresh data lists keeps your sales pipeline full.

  • Request For Customer Testimonials Template

    Customer testimonials are a powerful way to gain credibility and social proof that your company delivers quality products and services. It helps you to increase sales and leads conversions from your website and other sales collateral. This procedure prov

  • Telemarketing Script Development

    This procedure helps you to create telemarketing scripts for gatekeepers, principal decision makers and voicemail messages.

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