Plan, edit, write, and review better with Way We Do Procedure Lifecycles.


Why You Need Procedure Lifecycles

Go Beyond Publishing

A Way We Do procedure can go through a lifecycle: Draft, Pending Review, Published and Retired.

Discrete Testing

The Procedure Lifecycle function allows the editing team to test and edit processes before releasing them to the full organization.

Open Options

Procedures can be retired for a time and removed from view, then be published again as needed without losing valuable data.

  • Draft Policy and Procedure

    Draft Procedures

    Editors can change the status of a policy or procedure to Draft when writing new procedures. The procedure will feature a prominent Draft label and be excluded from casual viewing.

  • Pending Review

    Editors can change the status of a policy or procedure to Pending Review, and invite other editors to review and provide comments on the procedure. This is a great way to seek approval and feedback from other team members while the procedure is being written. Way We Do keeps a log of all comments and approvals received for traceability purposes.

    Procedure Pending Review
  • Published Procedure


    Change the status of the policy or procedure to Published once all edits are finished and approvals are received. Notifications for Acceptance, Tasks and Revision Reminders will begin after policies and procedures are in Published status.

  • Retired

    Change the status to Retired when the procedure is no longer required. All procedure edits are retained in the database, so nothing is deleted permanently. No notifications will be sent for Retired procedures.

    Retired Procedure

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