Bring your policies, procedures and workflow to life and get your team engaged with a variety of rich media such as video, audio, slide shows, forms and more.


3 Reasons to Use Rich Media in your Procedures

Increase Functionality

You can easily extend the functionality of Way We Do by incorporating functions and content from other platforms directly within a procedure.

Clarify Instructions

Instructions are easier to follow when they are read, heard, and seen by team members.

Increase Engagement

Rich media elements make procedures and policies more interesting, interactive and engaging to users.

  • Embed Images Into Procedures


    Images help to clarify the information being presented, while making written content more interesting for the user. Way We Do allows you to add many types of image files into policies and procedures so your manual is always bright and lively.

  • Videos

    Easily embed videos from any hosting platform to clarify instructions, demonstrate procedures, or provide helpful tips. Embedded videos can be viewed directly in Way We Do procedures, or expanded to full screen.

    Embed Videos into Procedures
  • Embed Audio In Procedures


    Embedded audio players are a valuable tool for increasing understanding and sharing important information with team members. Audio can be played directly from the policy or procedure where it is embedded, so there is no need for users to log out or visit another site.

  • Forms & Quizzes

    Embed forms and quizzes from popular form building platforms directly into Way We Do policies and procedures to easily gather information, test team member’s knowledge of training material, and collect reports of incidents and customer satisfaction levels.

    Embed Forms and Quizzes In Procedures
  • Embed 3D Walkthroughs

    3D Walk Throughs

    Include facility tours, work site progress reports, and more in your policies and procedures by embedding 3D Walk Throughs. Team members get an engaging, interactive experience, while gaining a greater understanding of what is being described in the procedure.

  • Presentations

    Team members will benefit from watching marketing and training presentations that are embedded directly into Way We Do policies and procedures. Presentations can be embedded from many popular presentation-building platforms such as Prezi, PowerPoint, and SlideShare by simply using the provided embed code.

    Embed Presentations In Procedures
  • Embed Documents In Procedures

    Spreadsheets & Embedded Documents

    Way We Do makes it easy to share and collaborate on documents of any kind. PDF documents and spreadsheets can be embedded and viewed directly within procedures, or attached for convenience in downloading.

  • Flowcharts

    Give team members a visual map to understanding complicated concepts by embedding flowcharts, diagrams and graphs directly into policies and procedures.

    Embed Flowcharts In Procedures

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