Whether you are managing requirements for ISO 9001 Quality Management standards for example, or for specific regulations in your industry, Way We Do will assist you with administering your compliance obligations.

All standards and regulations require policies and procedures.  Way We Do is more than just a repository of policies and procedures in the cloud.  Our platform helps you to get team members using and following procedures in their day to day work, and provides usage data for internal monitoring and auditing purposes.



Fundamental Elements of a Success Compliance Program

  1. Use Way We Do for employees to access Written Policies and Procedures
  2. Engage Compliance Professionals – even the smallest organization can have an expert to guide them in federal and state laws.  If you have the resources, designate a compliance officer within your organization.
  3. Conduct Effective Training – educate your employees to understand compliance policies. Use Way We Do to deliver training videos, audio and slideshows (along with 3rd party apps).
  4. Facilitate Communication between the Compliance Officer / contact person, and all employees. e.g. surveys, comment boxes, anonymous hotline.  Use Way We Do to periodically survey your team (along with 3rd party apps).
  5. Internal Monitoring – use Way We Do to conduct audits to understand how your compliance efforts are working.
  6. Enforce Standards – use Way We Do to track that your employees are actually following policy and procedure. Take action when someone is not complying with procedures.
  7. Promptly Respond to Issues – use Way We Do Activated Checklists to investigate issues, document how issues were managed and any new procedures put in place to prevent future issues.

  • Manage Policies and Procedures

    Your policies and procedures are in the cloud for the team to access from any location or device. They also actively prompt the team to use them.

  • Provide Learning Materials to Team Members

    Insert videos, slide shows, audio and other types of learning materials.

  • Manage Non Conformance Reporting

    Use Activated Checklists for managing non-conformance reporting.

  • Standardize Processes

    Standardize processes for compliance and monitor employee activities.

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