Do you provide discounts to charities?

Yes, Way We Do provides generous discounts to charities and select not-for-profit organizations.  Please contact our support team for more information.

What is defined as a user?

A user within Way We Do is defined as any user that has Administrator, Editor or General User rights.

Can you help us load our existing policies, procedures and processes?

Yes, we provide support services to help you setup your account by loading your existing policy, procedure and process content, and add criteria to each one to make it an active document.  Contact our team for more information.

Is there a limit to number of policies, procedures and checklists?

Your Way We Do subscription allows for unlimited policies, procedures and checklists.

If we decide to leave Way We Do, can we export our policies and procedures?

You are able to export your content from Way We Do if you decide to unsubscribe or we can provide an export for you.

Who owns the policy and procedure content we add to Way We Do?

Any content you load into Way We Do belongs to you, it is your Intellectual Property. Any procedure templates we provide to you, are licenced to you to use indefinitely (however, you are unable to sell the content as that would infringe our content partners’ or our copyright).

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