Regulatory compliance requires every business and organization to have HR policies and procedures when they employ people to ensure they are not breaking the law. Additionally, it just makes good business sense to have strong HR practices to enable your organization for growth. Use Way We Do's HR policies and procedures templates to get started, and add your own.

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All employees feel safe and secure when there are effective HR policies and procedures in place within the organization they work for. Create your own HR manual with Way We Do and turn static policies and procedures into active workflows.

Use Way We Do’s HR policies and procedures templates and add your own! Sign up to a free trial today.

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Company Property and Facilities Policy Template

This policy template provides general guidelines for managing company property, detailed sections for specific types of property, and a section to list applicable items, equipment, and facilities that the policy covers.

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Team Member FAQ

The Frequently Asked Team Member Questions template is customizable and contains prompts to help you record important information for your team.

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Cross Training Guidelines

This procedure provides general guidelines and instructions for cross training, including qualification criteria, submitting requests, and reporting standards.

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Cross Training Program Roster

This procedure provides instructions and a template for creating a Cross Training Program Roster to showcase opportunities that are provided as part of your company growth and development culture.

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Recognizing and Managing Workplace Stress

This procedure provides clear guidelines for recognizing and managing workplace stress. It includes sections for defining stress, handling group stress, and reducing stress with individual employees.

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Employee Termination

The Employee Termination procedure provides clear guidelines for terminating employees, as well as extensive sections on the considerations and implications of termination.

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Leave Entitlements for Employees

This template contains descriptions for annual leave, advance annual leave, worker’s compensation, leave accrual, sick leave/personal leave, parental leave, personal carer’s leave, compassionate leave, and community service leave.

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Submitting Leave Requests

The Submitting Leave Requests procedure provides clear guidelines and expectations for employee leave requests, and includes a customizable Leave Request Form.

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