HR Policies and Procedures Manual Including Employee Handbook Templates

    Create an Employee Handbook for your team using Way We Do’s SOP Software. An HR policy and procedures manual for management is also a must to ensure your business is complying with the employment laws where you hire your team. Explore the policies and procedures available on Way We Do to create your online HR manual.

  • Anti-Discrimination Policy Template

    The Anti-Discrimination Policy communicates to your team that your business is an Equal Opportunity Employer and that any form of discrimination is not tolerated.

  • Code of Conduct Policy Template

    The Code of Conduct Policy conveys that professional self conduct is required within your workplace to provide the best experience and service possible to clients, customers and the general public.

  • Company Core Values Statement

    Core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what your organization values. They help in your decision-making processes, educating customers and prospects about what the company stands for and they help with attracting, recruiti

  • Company Ethics and Principles Policy Template

    The policy on principles encourages your team to behave in an ethical manner including being honest, kind, compassionate, respectful, keeping promises and having integrity.

  • Corporate Dress Code Policy

    The way we dress at work reflects upon the way your business is perceived by customers. This policy informs team members the dress code is professional business attire.

  • Creating Your First Standard Operations Procedure

    This document provides an overview of what is possible when creating your first operations procedure in Way We Do. Operations are unique to your business and industry, so you will end up spending a lot of time on this section of your manual.

  • Employee Parking Policy and Public Transport Guide

    This procedure provides information about how to get to work using public transport or a private vehicle. It describes where parking facilities are located and the closest bus and train options.

  • Employee Reference Checks Process

    After conducting interviews with potential team members, it is important to do reference checks to verify the information you collected through the interview process and from the resume is correct. You want to know that you are about to hire a person of

  • Environmental Protection Policy Statement Template

    The Environmental Protection Policy demonstrates that your business has made a commitment to protect the environment through day-to-day business operations.

  • Maintaining Employee Personnel Records and Files

    It is essential to create and maintain personnel records for each person who is employed by your business or organization. This procedure provides instructions of what to keep in a personnel file, what not to include and when to remove information.

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