Organize, define and illustrate your company structure with Way We Do Organizational Charts.


Cafe Org Chart

Reasons to love Way We Do Org Charts

Finance Department Org Chart

Optimized Expansion

Org Charts are a visual map that business owners can use to plan for future growth and optimization.

Structural Understanding

Organization Charts visually communicate reporting lines within your organization. It shows people what their career path could be, and helps them understand other roles and responsibilities.

Recruiting Model

Role descriptions and org chart mapping are valuable tools when considering and recruiting new talent for your organization.

  • Roles


    The Way We Do Org Chart tool is highly versatile. Administrators can easily create and delete roles, enter and experiment with role titles, and rearrange the reporting structure as needed.

  • Role Descriptions

    It is easy to write detailed role descriptions using the template provided by Way We Do, or by creating your own template. These role descriptions can then be used to clarify expectations, increase accountability, and help in recruiting efforts.

    Role Descriptions
  • Multiple Org Charts

    Multiple Org Charts

    Way We Do allows you to create multiple organization charts, which is ideal for large organizations, business departments that operate separately, or franchisor/franchisee relationships.

  • Structural Versatility

    Structural changes and interdepartmental moves can be easily reflected in the org chart by moving roles from one org chart to another. Role descriptions remain attached to the role regardless of the role’s location in the structure.

    Move Roles
  • Assign Roles

    Versatile Role Assignments

    There are no pre-set limits to the assignment of roles in your organization chart. You can assign one or more people to a single role, or assign one person to multiple roles. Once a role is assigned, a person icon is displayed on that role in the org chart. Simply hover over this icon at any time to see the names that have been assigned to the role.

  • View & Print

    Way We Do makes it easy to create a PDF copy of your organization chart. The converted document can then be downloaded, shared, printed, and displayed as desired.

    Print Org Chart

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