How much time are you wasting every year?

We tend to lose track of how much time we spend doing simple, everyday things. And for most of them, they could easily be avoided or shortened.

But have you ever wondered how much time those little things cost over a year? Simply enter how many days you work each year, and find out! As a handy guide, the average fulltime employee in the United States works 248 days a year (provided they take 13 days off, and don’t work weekends).

I work days a year...

Travel in work Hours

I have meetings that require travel each day.

Each Journey takes minutes.

Maybe you’re off seeing clients. Or maybe there’s stock to collect. Maybe your meetings are perfectly aligned geographically, or maybe you’re constantly traveling backwards and forwards, zigging and zagging.

No matter how efficient your work travel is, the one guarantee is it’s time you can’t get back.

So, are you ready to find out how much of your year is lost, just traveling during your work days?

You Spend and Y traveling during work hours every year.

Travel in Work Hours

Changing Tasks

I normally complete different tasks a day.

it usually takes me minutes to switch tasks.

There’s a reason why the media gives driving and talking on the cell phone a lot of attention. Multi-tasking and changing tasks is known for throwing our productivity and attention out the window. In fact, Inc would have us believe that refocusing on a task takes us around 25 minutes on average.

But those are just stats. Here’s how much time you’re losing every year changing tasks.

You Lose and every year to task switching.

Travel in Work Hours

Sourcing Information

I spend minutes each day sourcing information for my tasks.

You’ve been told to prepare a report for a client. But where’s their data? Which file is the template report saved in? Where do you have to go to find their data from last year?

There’s no doubt that we spend a fair chunk of our days chasing our tails, finding the information we need to complete a task. A Clear Path believe that’s around 1 and a half hours every day – but how much of your year is lost finding information?

You Lose and finding information for your tasks.

Sourcing Information

Handling Emails

I spend minutes reading or writing emails every work day

They’re essential for our lives, but the bane of our existence. They’re a unique blend of being our most powerful resource, and our most useless distraction. Either way though, a fair chunk of our year is lost to this e-madness.

Are you ready to find out how much time you’d be saving if you didn’t log into your emails every morning?

You Lose and every year to Emails.

Travel in Work Hours

Poor Computer Practices

I lose minutes a day to poor computer practices.

You’ve received the stock required to complete an order. However, the orders made by your clients are all managed in an Excel spreadsheet. You search for their name, but it was entered by someone else, and they spelt it wrong. Only half of the orders have an order number. So, you 30 minutes searching for something that should have taken 30 seconds.

Some of our computer practices are a little outdated, and cost us valuable time. So if you were to calculate how much time you could save if you had the right tools for the job, how much would that come to each day? Or more importantly, how much of your year would you get back?

You could save and every year if you adapted to the right computer practices.

Sourcing Information

Ineffective Meetings

I spend minutes every day in meetings.

Around % of my meetings are inefective.

The Muse believes around 67% of meetings are failures. The most common outcome being that you ‘need to book another meeting’.

And that’s a problem when you think about how many meetings you already have. There are sales meetings, project meetings, client meetings, company-wide meetings, one-on-one meetings, you name it. So, how much of your year is wasted by the less-than-necessary ones?

You Spend and every year in ineffective meetings.

Travel in Work Hours

Your Year

So, what does all this mean? It means you’re losing more time than necessary to these 6 common factors alone. And these are just the unnecessary intrusions to your time – there are just as many stoppages that are needed for your day to be productive. Things like training, familiarizing yourself with procedures and processes, and finding resources necessary for completing your tasks.

What else could you achieve at work if you had an extra and per year?

Our time at work is so precious, and can be consumed all too easily. So it’s important your team is able to work together as smoothly as possible, and has streamlined ways of working to enable the business to grow and scale. This can be achieved through optimized policies, procedures, processes and playbooks.

For a helpful and smart solution, start a free trial of Way We Do with your business.

Travel in Work Hours

You Waste and to these 6 common factors

Oh, and one last point. If you’re using our calculator at work, you’ve lost of your work day. And if you did this every working day, that would come to every year.

It’s amazing how fast our time slips away!