Keep your procedures up to date with automatic revision reminders from Way We Do.


Reasons to Use Revision Reminders

Always Up-to-Date

Revision reminders help editors track policies and procedures and keep them up to date.

Increased Engagement

Team members are much more likely to use policies, procedures and workflows that are accurate and up to date.

Assure Compliance

Revision reminders help editors remember to check for changes in regulations and industry compliance requirements so policies and procedures can be updated accordingly.

  • Set Revision Review Date

    Assign Revision Dates

    All procedures should be reviewed annually, but some procedures, such as health, safety and compliance issues should be reviewed and updated more often. Way We Do allows you to assign future revision dates to any policy or procedure so revisions are planned as part of the writing and editing process.

  • Versatile Editor Assignment

    Revision reminders can keep up with your organizational needs and changes since it is easy to reassign revision reminders to a different editor without affecting the revision date selected.

    Reassign Reminders
  • Procedure Revision Schedule Report


    Administrators are able to view a schedule of upcoming reviews. The report shows the future revision date, a link to the procedure, the assigned editor, the last revision date, and all labels assigned to the procedure.

  • Email Notifications

    A Revision Reminder notification is sent when a review is due. To ensure that the notification is not missed or accidentally deleted, the revision reminder will be sent daily until the date is rescheduled or turned off.

    Revision Reminder Notification

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