Security is a priority for Way We Do to ensure your information is always protected and kept safe.


Way We Do Security

Way We Do Protects Your Interests

Way We Do Security

IP Protection

We have invested in many levels of security and protection to ensure your Intellectual Property is safe with Way We Do.

Business Continuity

Your business processes are safe with Way We Do. Even in the event of disaster, your data is secure and your content is recoverable.


You can be confident and rest easy knowing that Way We Do is following best practice security measures.

  • Database and Server Security

    Way We Do is hosted with Microsoft Azure. All servers comply with international standards, which is ISO 27001 Information Management Security. The servers are regularly updated with security patches, and all your content and activity data is backed up daily. Due to these security measures, the grading system from SSL Labs gives the Way We Do application an A for security.

  • User Level Security

    Administrators have full control over the security and accessibility of their content. Procedures can be restricted at the user level to protect privacy, and all user activity is logged within the system. The Way We Do team does not have access to subscriber accounts, and even support staff need to be granted access by administrators in order to review content.

  • Application Level Security

    Way We Do offers security at the application level with password encryption, stringent testing, user controls and multiple backup methods. The application only runs over https, and all passwords are one way encrypted with bycrypt. To ensure security, the Way We Do website has been tested by an independent security consultant and vulnerabilities have been resolved.

  • Export Manuals

    Administrators have the ability to create manual backups by exporting part or all of their company manual to PDF. Standard procedure templates will export as written, however, instructions in checklist templates will only be exported if a procedure has been assigned to the step.

  • Up-Time Guarantee

    Way We Do has a 99.6% up-time guarantee from Microsoft Azure. Up-time is independently monitored by Pingdom. The system has been stable and predictable for many years. Currently, the up-time is 99.98%, with the .02% being due to scheduled maintenance.

  • Versioning

    Every single edit and deletion is kept as a separate version. Versions are recoverable, so there is no need to worry about accidental deletions, or incomplete content edits getting in the way of your productivity and efficient workflow.

  • Daily Backups

    Way We Do backs up your information daily, and a rolling 7 Days of content are kept on record at all times.

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