It’s easy to create and customize your own templates to use in Way We Do.


Way We Do's Dashboard

Reasons to Create Your Own Templates

Coaching For Consistency

Way We Do is great for organizations with multiple editors since you can coach your editorial team to follow the same format each time they compose a policy or procedure.


Create and customize all the templates you need to reflect your organization's individual requirements and needs.

Save Time

There is no need to start with a blank page each time. Simply create content once, and then use it again and again by saving it as a new template.

  • Choose Your Template

    Along with the pre-written templates that Way We Do provides, your new custom templates are available to choose when you click "Add New". You can use the same template over and over, or choose a different one each time.

  • Customization

    It is easy to make your manual fit your organization when you use your own established formatting, headings, content, language, and syntax. Once these elements are incorporated into a new template, future editors will have a ready example to build on as they work.

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