Direct and monitor the workflow of repeatable “step by step” processes with recurring Activated Checklists from Way We Do.


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3 Reasons to Love Activated Checklists

Systemize Repeatable Tasks

Create predictable outcomes by systemizing recurring tasks so they are done the same way each time, no matter who is doing the work.

Make it Visual, Make it Interesting

Activated Checklists simplify complicated tasks by providing a visual map of what needs to be done and how to do it.

Monitor Progress Onsite & Remotely

Monitor progress as the checklist is being done, and print full reports for your records after work is completed.

Activate Your Team

Activated Checklists are a game changer when it comes to directing team workflow and monitoring progress.

Clear Process Outline

The checklist template makes it easy to outline processes by breaking large tasks into smaller steps. Steps are independent of each other and can be assigned criteria such as role responsible, dependencies, and optional completion. Editors can write new work instructions or reuse existing procedures within the steps.

Multi-Use Checklists

Run multiple instances of a checklist and give each one a unique activity title. Instances can be run simultaneously or concurrently, depending on the needs of the organization.

Supervisor Sign-Off

Checklists feature the option to assign a Supervisor Sign-off step for quality assurance purposes to verify work was completed accurately and completely.

Way We Do's Dashboard
  • Invite Collaborators

    Add Collaborators

    Add Collaborators to include multiple people in the same checklist instance. Steps can be assigned to specific Roles so that they can only be completed by the people allocated to those roles. Unassigned steps can be completed by any team member.

  • In-Line Commenting

    Users have the ability to leave comments within each step of the checklist, including text, images, and attached files. The organized commenting structure makes it easy to report progress, ask questions, and collaborate on tasks.

    Add Comments
  • Daily Summary

    Daily Summary

    A daily summary email is sent to the assigned user and all collaborators to view the status of the checklist instance, including which steps have been completed and any comments that have been added. The user is also able to view the checklist instances they are involved with on the Dashboard.

  • Date & Time Stamping

    Each time a step is checked off, or comments, photos, and files are added, the checklist instance records the name of the person who performed the action, along with a time and date stamp.

    Process Steps Completed - Date and Time Stamp
  • Detailed Process Completion Reports

    Detailed Reporting

    Checklist Instance reports extract all the data collected while the checklist is active, including the total duration time of the instance, and data can be exported to a CSV file. Management can also view the checklist instances that are running, and visually see their progress, including whether it's pending supervisor review, or if the instance has been completed or abandoned.

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