Way We Do honors your desire for privacy, and understands that you need to control who can see the content in your manual.


Reasons to Choose Way We Do


Keep sensitive content private and secure by authorizing who is able to view it.


Way We Do provides tools to specify who can access content, and restrictions can be assigned on an individual basis.


Team members can easily view content that is relevant to their role, which provides a great experience and seamless workflow.

  • Assign Org Roles

    Way We Do give you the ability to specify which organizational roles are responsible for tasks, checklist steps, individual procedures, and policy requirements. Team members that have been assigned to those roles will be the only ones that receive notifications relating to that content.

  • Restriction

    Assign restrictions to policies and procedures to make the content invisible to everyone except the team members who are assigned to the role responsible for the task or information.

  • Assign Editing Role

    Way We Do offers three user levels to help you control the flow of information. General users are read-only and cannot edit. Editors can create, edit and delete procedures. Admins can do everything including adding users and purchasing from the marketplace.

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