Equip every newcomer with the knowledge, resources,
and support they need to excel from day one. With
Way We Do, employee onboarding goes beyond integration —
you’re building ambassadors for your brand’s future.


Onboarding new employees using Way We Do's Activated Checklist

3 Reasons to Choose Way We Do
for Employee Onboarding

82% better
employee retention

Reduce turnover costs, boost workplace morale, and enhance organizational knowledge.

18x employee commitment

Drive unparalleled engagement, productivity, and loyalty to accelerate business success and innovation.

Enhanced bottomline & client satisfaction

Stronger client relationships and profitability drive sustainable business growth and competitive advantage.

Retain Top Talent with
Onboarding that Resonates!

Rapidly build an amazing employee onboarding
experience your new hires will love.

Craft employee onboarding journeys

Craft onboarding journeys that resonate with your new team member.

From intricate new employee training modules to impactful manager assimilation exercises, the Way We Do platform covers all the angles. Equip your teams with invaluable employee resources and stay aligned with 30-60-90-day check-ins.

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Version controlled policies and procedures

Document policy, procedure and process -- version enabled

Available from a centralized location. Provide clear guidelines for consistency, efficiency, and compliance. Get new recruits productive and up to speed faster with Job Specific Workflows.

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Real-time onboarding status visibility

Real-time onboarding status visibility

Ensuring both employees and management are always in the loop. Dive deeper with Way We Do and watch as these tailored experiences drive unparalleled employee retention and commitment.

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Way We Do User Dashboard
  • Onboarding New Employee Activated Checklists in Way We Do

    New Employee Onboarding Checklists

    Using Way We Do's New Employee Onboarding Checklists streamlines the integration process, ensuring new hires quickly become productive and engaged team members, enhancing overall team performance and satisfaction.

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  • Job Specific Workflows &
    Client Specific Instructions

    Ensures tailored, efficient task execution and superior client service, boosting operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Use AI to write your procedures faster.

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    View Policies and Procedures
  • Information Security Training

    On-the-Job Training & Workplace Based Assessments

    Implementing Way We Do's On-the-job Training and Workplace-based Assessments fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement, enhancing skill levels and performance across the organization.

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  • Policy and Procedure Acceptance

    Using Way We Do's Policy and Procedure Acceptance ensures consistent understanding and adherence to company standards, promoting a compliant and efficient workplace environment.

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    Policy and Procedure Acceptance
  • Way We Do Org Chart Creator

    Organizational Charts & Job Descriptions

    Way We Do's Organizational Charts and Job Descriptions clarifies roles and responsibilities, enhancing team coordination and operational clarity, leading to improved organizational efficiency.

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  • Quizzes to Test Procedure Comprehension (coming soon)

    Employing Way We Do's Quizzes enhances knowledge retention and engagement, ensuring employees understand and apply key concepts effectively, leading to improved competency and performance.

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    Create Quizzes to test procedure knowledge in Way We Do
  • Employee Offboarding Checklist in Way We Do

    Employee Offboarding Checklists

    Using Way We Do's Employee Offboarding Checklists at the end of employment ensures a smooth and comprehensive transition process, safeguarding organizational knowledge and maintaining positive alumni relations.

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  • Team Member Reports

    Report on team member activities such as procedure acceptances, completed checklists, and attached certificates.

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    Procedure Acceptance Reporting

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