Save time creating policies and procedures by using Way We Do's pre-written templates designed to speed up the time it typically takes to create an operations manual, and to provide best practice. In addition to our templates, add your own, and turn "dusty documents" into repeatable and active workflows!

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If you are starting from scratch or simply want to add to your current operations manuals, Way We Do provides pre-written processes, policies and procedures templates for you to use modify specifically for your business or organization.

Add task reminders, acceptance criteria and revision reminders to increase usage of procedures. Review data to make ongoing improvements.

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Recording Client Instructions

The Recording Client Instructions procedure provides detailed instructions for recording and forwarding client instructions, and prompts for customizing.

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Accepted Proposals

The Accepted Proposals procedure from Way We Do contains clear instructions for recording, tracking and moving forward with accepted proposals in a timely manner.

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Tracking Denied Proposals

The Tracking Denied Proposals procedure contains clear instructions for recording and tracking denied proposals, and gathering feedback about the proposal.

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Create and Manage Joint Promotions

The Create and Manage Joint Promotions procedure outlines the exact steps to be taken in order to form relationships with strategic partners to carry out promotional activities together.

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Blog Writing and Distribution

The Blog Writing and Distribution procedure will help you streamline your blog writing process, and make important information accessible to your team.

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Email Newsletter Guidelines

The Newsletter Guidelines procedure is designed to streamline your newsletter process and make the information available to everyone involved in creating newsletters.

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Email Marketing Policy

The Email Marketing Policy defines bulk email marketing, provides rules for use and misuse, and lists general marketing criteria.

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Monitoring Website Analytics

The Monitoring Website Analytics procedure defines important website analytic metrics and explains why each one is important to track and record.

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Social Media Profiles

The Social Media Profiles procedure contains a profile reference list, instructions for monitoring profiles, and instructions for requesting new profiles.

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Marketing Collateral Templates

Marketing Collateral Templates contains space for attaching your marketing collateral templates, and a description for each one so they will be used correctly.

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