Most established businesses provide policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) that detail the tasks that should be done, and how those tasks should be performed. Unfortunately, this manual is usually in a single document on the company computer, or printed in a binder and placed on a shelf.

This kind of bulky resource may contain excellent information, but it is hard for team members to use regularly since it is disconnected from their workflow. Team members may read the manual once, but are likely to forget about it when it comes time to do the actual work.

Way We Do is different. Our cloud-based SOP Software enables you to create, maintain, actively use, and monitor an Operations Manual. Unlike some other BPM solutions and workflow software that bury work instructions, Way We Do brings work instructions and processes together, and puts them right in front of your team members when they need it most.

5 Great Reasons to Make the Switch


Your interactive manual is available any time, anywhere, and makes it easy for team members to access step-by- step instructions, training materials, policies and procedures exactly when they need them.


Way We Do is a mobile solution that is equally compatible across phones, tablets, laptop computers and desktop computers. Workers can access and use the manual from any location, on any device, at any time.

Easy Navigation

With Way We Do, your procedures and policies are categorized by labels to be easily accessible and instantly available. When in doubt, the label search function helps users find important information quickly so there are no more delays, and no more aimless page flipping.

Seamless Workflow

Way We Do provides procedures at the point of action, while team members are on the job, and when they are triggered, by date or action triggers. Workflow integrations with cloud storage providers such as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, and functionality for videos, quizzes, forms, and flow charts make your operations manual easy to use and understand.

Manage in Real Time

Not only do business owners and managers maintain control over the content of the manual, but they can also make changes, assign tasks, answer questions, and monitor compliance in real time.

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Alternatively, we can setup the trial account for you at no cost.  Simply email our support team and provide sample policies, procedures, org chart, checklists and flow chart processes, and we will setup the account for you.

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