IT Policies and Procedures Manual Templates

    Add IT policies and procedures to your online Standard Operating Procedures manual and employee handbooks about information security, Internet usage, data backups, use of company hardware and other information technology requirements in your business. Explore the ICT policies and procedure templates available from Way We Do to create your online manual.

  • Online Data Backups

    This procedure provides a documented process for backup data from folders, files, databases, computers, smartphone and tablet devices to the cloud. Backing up data is a critical part of running a business or organisation.

  • Password Management

    In today’s world of computing and Internet technology use, there is a password required for pretty much everything. Trying to remember all of those passwords can be mind boggling, even though it is best practice to use so many for security reasons. This

  • Renewing Domain Names

    This procedure provides guidance on renewing domain names which are vital to access your website and email. It recommends listing the domain names that are owned by your business or organization and their due dates.

  • Setup Your Email Signature in Gmail

    To ensure there is consistency across email signatures in your organisation, the “Setup Your Email Signature in Gmail” procedure will help you achieve that.

  • Setup Your Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook 2010

    An email from your business is a customer touchpoint, so it is important that your brand is presented consistently. This procedure provides instructions on how to “Setup Your Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook 2010”.

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