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The “Sales Communication Checklist” is designed for sales people within your organisation to prepare standard presentations, messages and responses. The completion of the tasks within the checklist helps you to be confident that your sales team is presenting your business well in the marketplace.

The procedure’s outcome is for the sales person to create their sales communications about your company within 4 weeks of commencing employment. For existing sales team members, it is encouraged that they also go through this exercise and complete the task within 4 weeks.

You can personalise this document by replacing the token “[Your Company]” with your business name. You are able to edit the document to reflect what is most relevant to your business. Remove or add content as deemed necessary.

The “Sales Communication Checklist” procedure is recommended to be included within the Sales section of your Company Manual.
This document also refers to the “Gaddie Pitch” which is available in the Marketing section of the Way We Do market place.

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