Protect your physical and intellectual property assets by using Way We Do's company property and facilities policy template. Modify to suit your business needs and add "Acceptance" criteria for your employees to sign off.


Employees gain access to company property of all types, both physical and intellectual. In order to protect your assets, it is important to have policies in place that provide guidelines to govern employee conduct in regard to company property.

This policy provides general guidelines for managing all company property, detailed sections for specific types of company property, and a section to list applicable items, equipment, and facilities that the policy covers. The policy can easily be customized by replacing the tokens (i.e. [Company Name]) with information specific to your business. You can further edit this procedure to reflect any special equipment and facilities that are relevant to your business by removing or adding content as necessary.

“Use of Company Property and Facilities” is recommended to be included within the HR section of your Company Manual.

Word count: 1,428

Attached Files: Company Property Issue Statement (.doc)

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