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Video-Based Recruitment Processes and HR Tech

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With the world slowly opening back up as restrictions relax, organizations, HR teams and recruitment professionals are starting to source new talent. Employers who are hiring can now tap into a wider pool of quality candidates after the mass job losses that came as a result of the COVID-19 downturn. Over that same period though, we’ve seen recruiting become increasingly difficult for many organisations. In some cases, they’ve even come to a halt, as isolation measures have stonewalled business’s standard hiring processes. But we’re seeing more and more adaptations. Businesses are working out incremental changes that are helping them shift their approach, while maintaining social distancing, and remaining vigilant of any future waves.

In this article, we share three proactive and engaging recruitment processes you can establish to help you attract the right people to your team.

1. Update your job postings on LinkedIn

Make sure your potential candidates know you’re still in business, that you’re moving forward with work, and that you’re looking for people to join your team. You need active recruitment postings on LinkedIn to attract prospective candidates. LinkedIn offers a number of tools that help you let others know you’re hiring. You can advertise your vacancy on LinkedIn Jobs, and build your network of potential candidates by scouting out LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

LinkedIn Recruitment Solutions

2. Go virtual with your interviews with Spark Hire and Zoom

It’s likely there’ll be more candidates than ever responding to job ads. Speed up the short listing process using video-based interviewing platforms like Spark Hire. If a resume looks like the candidate will be a good fit for your role, send them a video-based interview request. Candidates can then record their answers, and recruiters can use these preliminary responses to identify who they want to carry forward to a live meeting.

In-person interviews and face-to-face meetings – something HR and recruitment professionals rely on heavily – may become a thing of the past, or at least a very rare occurrence, with social distancing measures slated to remain in place for the foreseeable future. So start thinking now about tools that will let your HR team conduct quality interviews efficiently, while still giving the candidate a great experience. Many firms and individuals are getting used to Zoom as a way of conducting online meetings, so this can be a great way to interview your candidates.

Spark Hire Video-Based Interviews

3. Streamline your recruitment processes for flexibility with Way We Do

The recruiting process has a number of steps that are critical to your success. If you don’t document each one, it’s very easy to lose track of where you’re at when you’re in the thick of it. Especially if you’re having to manage business as usual at the same time. Bringing a new team member on board is an expensive process, in time as well as money, so it’s vital to find the right person.

Make sure your recruitment processes are available for your HR team, and easy to run. With Way We Do, you can document the activities you and your team need to do, step by step. And as each one is ticked off as completed, you’ve got a real-time progress report at your fingertips. Way We Do will teach your team what to do throughout the workflow, including which HR tech to use, and how to document what’s happening at every step. As well as keeping text notes, your team can also attach files like resumes and cover letters, so everything is kept in the same place.

Way We Do Recruitment

Investing in the appropriate technology and processes will help your HR and recruitment staff find your next start employee, and make sure they give them an experience that will have them champing at the bit to get started with you. Good technology and processes will help you manage important business-side deliverables as well, such as regulatory compliance and induction training. Documenting these processes gives you and your team a point of reference to evaluate each implementation, and refine and improve things as you practice them.  

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