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Onboarding New Employees Made Easy With Activated Checklists

Using Way We Do

First impressions are important, and you want to make the best possible first impression when introducing new team members into your organization.

Way We Do can help!

Use Activated Checklists Organize and Streamline Orientations

There are a lot of steps to remember when onboarding new team members.

  • Completing paperwork for benefits, taxes, and various records;
  • Creating training schedules and coordinating them with training staff;
  • Distributing work instructions, health and safety information, general office introduction materials, and other information;
  • Involving the IT and HR departments in getting the new employee set up in company systems; and
  • Many more tasks.

By creating an Activated Checklist for these items you are able to add collaborators from different departments, track and document tasks, and easily monitor the entire onboarding process. Depending on the needs of your organization, it may be necessary to create multiple onboarding checklists for different departments, or to cover different time periods such as Week 1, The First Month, The First Day, etc.

Using Activated Checklists for onboarding is the best way to ensure that your company makes a great first impression by offering excellent introductions where nothing is forgotten or left out.

Way We Do Has Several Procedure Templates to Help with Onboarding

When creating Activated Checklists to streamline your onboarding and orientation process, you will need to include instructions, resources and procedures for each step. There are several ready made procedure templates in the Market Place to help you get started!

There are also many helpful policy templates in the Market Place that can be included in beginning informational packets such as Code of Conduct, Alcohol and Drugs Policy, Computer Use Policy, Environmental Protection Policy, and a whole series of health and safety policies.

Need help streamlining your Onboarding and Orientation processes?

The expert team at Way We Do is available to help you create checklists and processes, write needed policies and procedures, answer questions, and much more! Contact our support team to get started.

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