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Transformative Speeches – 2-day public speaking live stream

Using Way We Do

One of our favorite customers at Way We Do is Heroic Public Speaking. They certainly walk the talk when it comes to managing their systems and processes. As a public speaking training organization and great users of Way We Do, they are experts in managing all the steps involved in delivering training that turns an average speaker into an inspirational superstar.

Their preferred way of working with their students is face-to-face at the Heroic Public Speaking headquarters in New Jersey, USA. However, due to COVID-19, they have been forced to consider innovative ways to deliver their professional training to develop world-class speakers using online channels. In doing so, they’ve immediately expanded their market reach from New Jersey to the world.

To launch their NEW 2-Day Livestream Event on July 13 & 14, Heroic Public Speaking is offering free places for their fellow Way We Doers.  From 12pm to 6pm EDT each day, participants will learn how to create powerful speeches – from keynotes and webinars, workshops and breakouts, and all forms of short content.

Heroic Public Speaking Clients

People from all types of business can benefit from attending the Heroic Public Speaking livestream, as they learn how to educate, inspire and transform their customers’ world.

HPS has worked with some of the planet’s top organizations. such as Walt Disney, Harvard University, TEDx Cambridge, American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, Salesforce, Best Buy, Make-A-Wish and many more.

“Running webinars and workshops is more than just knowing the process,” says HPS. “There’s a human experience layer we need to weave into the procedure of managing events as well.” Heroic Public Speaking’s 2-day Livestream even will take you through their content development system for delivering speeches you can use again and again.

The program has four modules.

  • Module 1: Ideation
  • Module 2: Content Development & Organization
  • Module 3: Scriptwriting
  • Module 4: Rehearsal & Performance

Every modern organization needs a way to stand out, and develop content that inspires team members, customers and stakeholders to take action. Many peoples’ confidence has been badly shaken by the pandemic. This course can help you and your team rebuild that own confidence, in yourselves, and those you work with and serve, by learning how to express the essence of your business and what it brings to the world.

Make your mark and save your spot on Heroic Public Speaking’s 13-14 July event.

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