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New Feature: Just In Time Collaborator Invites

Using Way We Do

We’re excited to share with you the new “Just In Time Collaborator Invites”, aka “JIT Invites”.

Before JIT Invites, when you ran an Activated Checklist Instance in Way We Do that needed multiple people to participate, you’d have to invite them manually as collaborators. The process didn’t automatically add people according to the role that was assigned to the step.

It meant you had to remember to invite people along the way. I even had steps in our own Activated Checklist processes to invite collaborators when it was their turn.

Invite others “just in time”

With the new JIT Invites, the checklist automatically invites participants when it’s their turn to complete a step — no more manual invites necessary. When you run the Activated Checklist, enter the title of the instance as usual, then select the people you want to be involved. If there’s only one person assigned to the role, they’re automatically included in the process. If there are multiple people, you can select one person, multiple, or everyone from a particular role.

By default, email invites are sent “when a step can be completed”. You also have the option to send email invites immediately. If you use the first option, you’ll need to ensure you use “dependencies” for each step to specify the order you want people to complete the steps in. Otherwise, all collaborators will receive their emails immediately.

Just In Time collaborator invites

Another benefit of JIT Invites is that you can start Activated Checklist Instances on behalf of other team members. And you don’t have to participate in the process just because you initiated it.

The “Add Collaborators” function is still available, so you still have the ability to invite people on an as-needs basis, in your own time. It also means that if a team member is away, you can simply add another process participant.

As I’m using this new JIT Invites feature, I’ve been noticing the number of times I’ve added manual “Invite collaborators” steps into our own processes, and am now happily removing them. It’s made a difference in simplifying our processes. I hope it has the same effect for you.

Try it now and let us know what you think!

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