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Create Multiple Org Charts

Using Way We Do

Organization charts are an important visual reference of the structure of your business. Now Way We Do allows you to create multiple org charts so you can customize this structure however you need to.

For many businesses, a single org chart is all that is needed to represent the roles and hierarchy of the business. However, some organizations, such as franchises and large enterprises, need to be able to separate their individual franchisees and departments from the main structure of the business. This type of separation can provide more clarity within the business as well as solidifying the fact that certain franchises or departments act independently from each other.

The multiple org chart structure can also be used by any organization who wants to show a visual representation of the clients, suppliers, and outsourced workers who may work closely with the organization, but are not necessarily overseen by the same management structure.

It is very simple to add multiple org charts to your existing structure, and you can easily move roles from one chart to another.

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