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We’ve Added Great New Features to Help You Manage Your Work Flow

Using Way We Do

We’ve recently added some new features to help you systemize your business and manage your work flow.

Daily Activated Checklist Reminder Emails

In order to help facilitate an efficient and timely workflow, Way We Do now automatically sends reminder emails for Activated Checklist Instances that are run over two or more days. The daily email contains a summary to remind you of the step you were on in the checklist. Simply click the link in the email to return to the checklist and resume work.

Not only will this help people to manage long term projects, but this feature also helps multiple collaborators manage a shared checklist instance since the reminder email will be sent to the person responsible for completing the current item on the list.

Start Dates for Task Reminders

Now when you create a task reminder in Way We Do you have the option to add a start date for the reminder as well. This feature is especially helpful when creating task reminders in advance of a project start date.

Responsibilities List Now in Alphabetical Order

Previously, the responsibilities list shown when assigning roles was ordered according to the hierarchy designated by your company organization chart. We have rearranged this list alphabetically so it is easier than ever to find and select the role you are looking for.

Are there any new features you would like to see?

We would love to hear your thoughts, opinions and suggestions for Way We Do. Contact the Way We Do support team to let us know what you think.

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