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Coming Soon: Way We Do’s AI Writer

Using Way We Do

Ever stared at a blank page and felt like it was mocking you, its smug cursor blinking back at you with derision? For some of us, the prospect of crafting policies, procedures and processes from scratch offers as much joy as a root canal. But at Way We Do, we feel you, and we’ve got you. We’ve been brewing a solution to this lamentable condition, in the form of an exciting new sidekick for you and your business: The AI Writer.

Way We Do’s AI Writer: Your digital muse

There are two things about dealing with writing in business that can affect your productivity (and it wouldn’t be a Way We Do moment if we weren’t focused on boosting productivity). The first is facing the blank page; the second is watching the minutes tick by as you stare at said blankness. Have you noticed how much easier (and quicker) it is to work on a piece someone else has already made a start on? But someone has to start with a blank page somewhere along the line, don’t they?

Not anymore!

Way We Do’s AI writer will cure your writer’s block once and for all.

Whether you’re excited about AI, or still keeping it at arm’s length, we can help you work out your next steps. Just reach out to our Customer Success team.

Way We Do: Ever your IP’s loyal guardian

At Way We Do, we are the loyal knight to your intellectual property king. We’ve ensured our AI Writer won’t harvest your trade secrets for its content trove. Your IP remains secure, within your business’s castle keep.

Beta Testing: Your invitation to discovery

Way We Doers are a constant source of inspiration to us, so we’ve decided to send Golden Tickets to those of you who’d like to participate in AI Writer’s beta testing. That means you’ll get the chance to experiment and explore Way We Do’s AI Writer, and what it can do for you, over the course of two to three weeks. Your feedback will have a direct impact on how we refine AI Writer before its official launch.

Invites will come out in-app, so keep an eye out for yours, and help us create your next productivity boon.

Once we’ve integrated the beta-test feedback, we’ll raise the curtain on our newest feature for Way We Doers everywhere. And if you feel you’re not quite ready to take the step into AI with your business, just reach out to our fabulous Customer Success Team and we’ll deactivate it on your account.

Way We Do’s AI Writer: Just the first act in an exciting new play

We’ve been experimenting with ways to add value to Way We Do using AI for over a year, and AI Writer is a direct result of this work. But our work in this space is by no means done. The possibilities we are investigating can translate exponentially for you as a Way We Doer. AI can be a powerful productivity tool, opening up potentialities for your business that you wouldn’t previously have had the available talent or time for. It represents a potential quantum leap, taking you from the realms of indie producer to Hollywood blockbuster.

Wherever you are on the AI-readiness spectrum, Way We Do is here to explore new frontiers so we can pass new knowledge, new technology, and new opportunities to boost your business’ productivity into the future.

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