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Crisis Response Checklist – Be Prepared For Any Pandemic

Risk Management

One thing history can say is that pandemics are nothing new, ¬†and they’re never something we can anticipate. So no matter what, we need to be prepared for the unknown. Recent events have compelled businesses to face the formidable challenge of having to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

As a business owner and Chief Decision Maker, you must analyse the threats your business is facing right now and their impacts on your business, then implement a strategy to monitor and manage these effectively for the sake of business continuity. It’s crucial you invest the effort now to develop plans that will help you and your team continue serving your customers during these highly unusual times.

To this effect, the team at Way We Do have created a crisis response checklist. This new checklist will help you plan the critical points you need to cover to keep your business running during this, or other externally imposed challenges.

There are five sections to the new Crisis Response Checklist, covering the each of the core impact areas you’ll need to plan for.

  1. Impact on the business.
  2. Impact on customers and employees.
  3. Resources for customers and employees.
  4. Impact on employee communications.
  5. Resources for external communications.

Under these sections, we’ve included instructions for each step to help you identify what you need to plan for, and how to best prepare. We’ve made the checklist customizable, so you can make any changes you need to suit your industry and your business.

Pandemic Planning Checklist

Once you’ve completed the checklist for your business, you should have a robust set of strategies that you can implement immediately as part of your business’s crisis management response.

While we’ve put a heavy focus on health and safety planning as a society — and yes, this is a highly important aspect of managing the current crisis — we’ve seen organisations’ business planning and preparedness fall by the wayside as a result. So while we’re on guard to keep ourselves and each other healthy, it’s still important to work closely with your team, external advisors and any other stakeholders to create the right strategies that will promote the right actions, and the right results.

To get the new Crisis Response Checklist and planning tool added to your Way We Do account, send the following details to our support team.

  • Your name.
  • Your organization’s name.
  • Your Way We Do sub-domain.
  • The label you’d like us to install the template into.

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