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Administrator Override for Activated Checklist Instances

Using Way We Do

Continuing with our upgrades, we have recently enabled the ability for an Administrator Override for Activated Checklist instances. We have property management agencies, pet holiday retreat centers, and digital agencies to name a few that use Way We Do for managing everyday workflows.  An office manager or production lead would initiate the Activated Checklist for processes like property inspections, daily cleaning routines, or conducting website audits and assign to people on the team to complete the various activities.

Now resolved…

The problem was that if you were not invited as a collaborator and included in the process, you couldn’t invite another person or complete activities yourself.  Only people who were collaborating in the process together could do that.  This is now resolved so that administrators can invite another collaborator without being invited themselves (so it keeps their dashboard only focused on what they need to do), or they can add themselves and complete activities within the Activated Checklist.

With Administrator Override, our champion Way We Do’ers can continue conducting their operational symphonies without a skipping a beat.

What is an Activated Checklist?

If you haven’t experienced the power of Activated Checklists, you are in for a real treat.  You see, every Way We Do plan has the ability to not only create business processes, they can also be “activated” and run as a workflow tool.  This is the power of process management.

The benefit is that the team is empowered to work consistently which makes their life easier because everyone knows who needs to do what.  Activated Checklists contribute to a positive team “let’s get work done” culture and nudging people in the right direction without micromanaging.  By completing activities in Way We Do, team members also communicate to leadership and the rest of the team the progress of work activities, providing real time visibility.  Repeatable processes that produce repeatable, consistent results is what helps scale a business to achieve its growth objectives.

If you would like to learn more about Activated Checklists and how process management can streamline your business, then speak with our Customer Success team to show you how to create one.

Developing bigger and better features

At Way We Do, we wholeheartedly believe in continuous improvement — that is why you see continuous upgrades like administrator override.  We have released a number of existing feature improvements over the last several months which have been positively received.  As we wind down for the year and plan for 2024, you will see some completely new capabilities that our customers have asked us for being released onto the Way We Do platform. We look forward to sharing those developments within the first quarter of 2024.

Thank you for everyone who have completed our survey to vote for the upcoming developments you want to see in the New Year!!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.

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