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We’ve upgraded our manual styles to improve the way you view your manual, both online and off.

Using Way We Do

At Way We Do, we value your feedback. In response to your suggestions, we have made several upgrades so you can choose the way you view your manual online, and have a great looking finished product if you need to print your manual.

New List View for Company Manuals

Several Way We Do subscribers have requested the ability to view procedures in a list, and we are happy to comply. Now when you are logged into your account, you can choose to see procedure cards as you always have, or you can choose to view your procedures in a list using the new list view. Simply click the list icon at the top of the procedure screen to change the view according to your preference. Your selection will be remembered as you browse through your manual, and even when logging in and out of Way We Do.

Way We Do Checklist View

Upgraded Manual Styles & Font Size​ in Print and PDF

Though the full functionality of Way We Do is only available online, we know there may be times when you need to print your procedures. Our designer has been hard at work to ensure that your PDFs and printouts look as good as your online content, and we are pleased to announce three new upgrades to the Print Manual Function:

  • There is now a Print to PDF function on Activated Checklists, which you can print as a standalone PDF or within the full manual PDF.
  • The appearance of the title pages, including the cover page and label title pages, has been improved.
  • The font size for PDF and printed documents has been reduced to help you fit more content on each page.

Pro Tip: The Print Manual function is available to administrators only, so be sure to plan accordingly for your printing needs.

Send us Your Feedback!

Your opinion matters to us. We would love to hear what you think of the new upgrades, and hear your ideas for future improvements. Contact the Way We Do support team.

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