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We’ve Added Exciting New Features!

Using Way We Do

Based on user suggestions, we’ve added some great new features that we are excited to share with you!

Photos & Attachments in Activated Checklist Comments

Way We Do Activated Checklists are perhaps the most useful process management tool available. These reusable, interactive checklists feature integrated instructions, comments, and reminders that help your entire team stay on track and in touch without interrupting the flow of work.

Now we’ve made your Activated Checklists even better by adding the ability to include attachments in your checklist comments. Attachments can include photos, PDFs, graphs, charts, and just about anything else you need to provide updates, ask detailed questions, report progress, and monitor quality. Complete instructions for adding attachments to comments are already in our Help Center, so you can get started using this helpful feature right away.

Table of Contents for Printed Manuals

Our users have reported that several industries and franchise regulations require that an operation manual table of contents be turned in to a governing agency. To help you stay in compliance, and to provide greater clarity in your printed manual, we have added table of contents functionality to the Print Manual feature in Way We Do.

The table of contents is an automatic feature, and is available to all Administrators. To learn more about printing a table of contents for your manual, visit How to Print a Table of Contents for Your Manual in our Help Center.

OneDrive Integration

As you know, Way We Do already integrates easily with several online cloud storage solutions. This week, we’ve added OneDrive integration to that list. You can learn all about using OneDrive with your Way We Do account in our Help Center.

Are there any other new features you would like to see?
We would love to hear your thoughts, opinions and suggestions for Way We Do. Contact our Support Team to let us know what you think.

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