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Way We Do marks our first anniversary with Stripe Climate

Using Way We Do

In December 2021, Way We Do announced our alliance with the Stripe Climate, a coalition of businesses from around the world that support permanent carbon removal solutions. As a Stripe Climate member, Way We Do contributes 1% of our revenue toward helping emerging carbon removal technologies scale their businesses.

In the past 12 months, we’ve contributed to three projects through Frontier, Stripe Climate’s in-house team of science and commercialization experts. Read more about them below, and watch their showcase videos on YouTube.

Charm Industrial is putting oil back underground

Charm Industrial converts biomass, chiefly from plants, into a stable, carbon-rich liquid it then pumps deep underground, essentially ‘reversing’ the flow of oil. While the prospect of scaling their technology at the rate the world needs may seem daunting, the team at Charm Industrial are tackling the problem head on, with the help of Frontier, and Stripe Climate members.


Travertine Technologies is turning carbon into stone

Colorado-based firm, Travertine Technologies, is another business that’s rethinking existing ideas and turning them into scalable methods of permanently removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Using one of the major human-produced waste products – sulphates – and combining them with carbon dioxide, the team at Travertine Technologies is able to produce calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate solids, permanently capturing carbon that would otherwise release into the atmosphere.


Mission Zero draws carbon from the air

Mission Zero Technologies develops direct air-capture technology, which is inspired by the way our bodies transport carbon dioxide gas from our tissues and out through our breath. Mission Zero’s process is highly efficient, and produces carbon resources other industries, like construction, can use. As well as helping to reduce atmospheric carbon, Mission Zero’s carbon products can also replace fossil fuels, further reducing overall emissions.


Businesses working together for the future

We’re extremely excited by the work these businesses are able to do with our support as Stripe Climate members. If they’ve inspired you too, take a look into what becoming a Stripe Climate member business could mean for you, as well as your clients, and perhaps even the world. After all, we’re more powerful together.

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