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Restore Procedure Card Titles Automatically

Using Way We Do

When you create your policy, procedure or process in Way We Do, the related Procedure Card title and description summary populates automatically.

You can edit the content on the Procedure Card separately, tailoring it to improve your internal user experience by ensuring the title and summary describe what it is, in a friendly way. You can also add colors and images to procedure cards for branding and categorization purposes.

Way We Do Procedure Cards

However, we have had a couple of customers tell us that when they updated the main procedure title, it wasn’t reflected on the Procedure Card and they sometimes forgot to update it. They wanted an easier way to modify the card title when they updated the main document.

We have now enabled Procedure Card titles to restore automatically when you revised the main title. So procedure card editing and maintenance will be a little easier from here on. Keep in mind, you may still need to edit your card title to include numbering for ordering purposes, or a pithy summary that accurately describes the procedure’s purpose.

I personally like our own procedure card descriptions to be no longer than three lines of text, so the colored bar at the bottom is the same height across all the cards on the page.

For those of you who want to be able to order procedure cards without numbering, we haven’t forgotten you. This item is still on the cards (pardon the pun) and we’ll continue to keep you updated on progress.

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