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It’s official. Our webinar and workshop pilot was a success. We learned some valuable lessons from the first series, and our participants gave us plenty of valuable feedback, even as they built their own knowledge of how to get the best from Way We Do. And so, in the spirit of continuous improvement, we’re going to keep the learning going.

Fortnightly webinars coming to a time zone near you!

As of 9 October, we have started running 45-minute webinars every fortnight for the US (EST), the UK (GMT), and Australasia (AEST). We’ve already got a range of topics planned, and of course, we welcome any suggestions you have for things you’d like to learn more about.

Upcoming webinars with Way We Do

TopicUS (EST)UK (GMT)Australasia (AEST)
Way We Do Basics4pm, Thursday,
Fortnightly, starting from 17 October 2019
9am, Wednesday,
Fortnightly, started from 9 October 2019
11am, Tuesday, Fortnightly, started from 15 October 2019

Of course, being in a webinar format, you’re in control. You can choose to register for and attend a workshop in whichever time zone suits, and there are no limits to how many staff you can register.

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