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Managing Remote Workers

Using Way We Do

In our global economy, remote workers are more common than ever. At Way We Do, we have workers in four different countries, all working from remote offices in different time zones, so we understand the challenges that distance working presents.

As a manager or supervisor of distant workers, you need to be able to manage and oversee workflows without incurring huge travel expenses or staying up all night waiting on an email. That’s why Way We Do is the perfect tool for you!

Through Activated Checklists, task reminders, required acceptance, and revision reminders, you can create workflows that keep your team running smoothly no matter where they are located. The best part is, by using the system this way you are creating consistency within your business that will allow you to grow and expand without undue chaos. New workers can be easily introduced into the workflow, and onboarded using clear systems and processes that are unique to their positions in the company.

Whether you want to direct a few remote workers, manage an entire franchisee network, keep your distributors in the loop, or spread your whole team throughout the world, Way We Do can help you systemize your processes and meet your goals.

To help you get started, here are our three biggest tips for using Way We Do to manage your remote work staff:

  1. Frequently Update Your Policies and Procedures – Time zone differences can delay communications with your team. Set revision reminders to ensure that instructions are always up to date, and team members will be less likely to delay work while awaiting answers or instructions.
  2. Create Activated Checklists for All Repeatable Processes – Activated Checklists go beyond procedures because they manage the flow of work. By using Activated Checklists for all your processes you are able direct what your team does and how they do it, all while monitoring their progress remotely.
  3. Instruct Team Members to Communicate Through Checklist Instances – Activated Checklist Instances not only contain instructions for each step in a process, they also allow workers to leave comments on each step. There is no need for separate streams of emails or text messages. Progress reports, photos, questions, and comments can be added directly to the Checklist Instance so that they become part of the workflow.

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The experts at Way We Do are ready and willing to help you develop your distance management strategy. Contact our support team with any questions and we will be happy to guide you.

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