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Customized Procedure Cards are Here!

Franchising, Using Way We Do

We’ve had great feedback from subscribers who tell us they love the procedure cards in their Way We Do manual because the visual format of the cards makes it easy to navigate and find procedures. Now, we’ve given you even more to love by adding the ability to control the content and appearance of each procedure card in your manual.

To ensure that you are able to view and use this new feature, we recommend doing a hard refresh on your computer while you are in your Way We Do manual. To perform a hard refresh, press the Ctrl + F5 buttons on a PC, or Cmd + Shift + R on a Mac.

Customization Feature Details

You can now change the title and description of each card, and add images that increase your brand awareness and make it easier for your team to recognize the procedures they need. Simply click the gear icon on the procedure card to get started.

Click the Gear Icon to Edit

Change the Title 

The procedure title is automatically added to the procedure card from the title provided on the policy or procedure. You can now change the title on the procedure card without affecting the way the title appears in the actual policy or procedure.

Write a New Description

Currently, the description for each procedure card is automatically taken from the first paragraph written in the procedure. You can now edit the description on the procedure card to better represent the information inside without affecting any of the original content in the policy or procedure.

Add an Image for Greater Brand Impact

You can further customize the procedure card by adding a background image. Adding an image not only looks great, but it will also help your team members to quickly identify specific categories or procedures that they are looking for.

Uploaded images will automatically be resized and optimized to ensure they load quickly, but there are minimum and maximum limits that apply. When selecting images for your procedure cards, please refer to the following information:

Recommended image size is 345px by 205px
Images must be .jpeg, .gif, or .png
Minimum image size is 270px by 205px
Maximum file size is 1MB
Are you ready to get started?
A full tutorial for customizing your procedure cards is available on our support website. As usual, feel free to contact us at support@waywedo.com with any questions or comments.

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