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Short Links Make for Easy Access in Third-Party Apps

Using Way We Do

Every policy, procedure and Activated Checklist in Way We Do has its own unique URL, so you are able to link to it directly from other documentation available in the organization, such as from Microsoft SharePoint. However, when users were not logged into their Way We Do account, they were redirected to the sign-in page to enter their credentials. By the time they logged in, the original link was lost and they needed to go back to their document to click on the link again.

After realizing this was not a great experience for our customers and creating a few temporary workarounds, today we have released a more permanent Short Links solution to overcome this big little annoyance.

Short Links are purposely placed at the footer of the procedure since they are seldom used, until there is a need. The Short Link looks like a blue link icon displayed next to the Author name. When clicked, the short link URL with the procedure ID is copied to the clipboard. You are then able to paste the Way We Do URL into your SharePoint documents and navigation, emails, and other third party apps and documents.

Short Links Footer

When users click on the Way We Do procedure Short Link from other sources, it will take them to the Sign In page to log into their account. Once logged in, the user is automatically redirected to the required policy, procedure or process.

Job done — easy as!

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