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Duplicate yourself with Copy & Template for SOPs

Using Way We Do

How much more would you get done, and sooner, if you could run off a few copies of yourself?

We’ve got good news! We’ve created a way for you to do this (not quite to the level of Dolly the sheep cloning technology) using Way We Do’s new “Copy & Template” functionality. Santa’s elves snuck this little bonus in over the Christmas break – you may have notice it…?

“Copy & Template” lets you leverage your efforts and time by creating Way We Do SOP templates for both Activated Checklists and stand-alone policy and procedures. You can choose to duplicate existing processes and procedures to create SOPs, or create templates that all editors in your Way We Do account can use as a standard format when creating new procedures.

Copy & Template lets you raise the bar in terms of consistency, tone and format by giving your subject matter experts a standard to work to, reducing the amount of checking and review needed from you and other editors.

Where to find Copy & Template

You’ll find the Copy & Template function directly under the Edit button on both Published and Draft procedures. (Note, it’s only available to Administrators and Editors.)

Copy & Template Location in Way We Do

Copy a SOP or turn it into a template

When you Save as Template, they’ll be available to editors from the “Add New” list that appears when creating new Activated Checklists and stand-alone procedures.

Choose a Template in Way We Do

Tell me more!

If you want to learn more about how to use this feature, read Way We Do’s support article Copy & Template. And of course, you’re always welcome to reach out to your Way We Do support crew if you have questions or need further help.

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