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Update: Checklists with Acceptance

Using Way We Do

Way We Do provides a feature called “Acceptance” that allows managers to request team members to review new or revised “policies and procedures” and formally provide their acceptance of those.

Some customers have requested that we make this feature available to Activated Checklists within Way We Do.  This is now live within Way We Do and it enables managers to also request acceptance of new and revise “processes”, in addition to individual policies and procedures.

Checklist With Acceptance

So what does acceptance include? 

The same options that are available for acceptance of policies and procedures are also available for Activated Checklists (processes). No acceptance is required on SOPs by default, however editors can add options such as “Accept Once”, “Accept After Each Change” and “Repeat Acceptance”.

When editing a published Activated Checklist, editors are alerted that re-acceptance may be required.  They can continue editing the process as per normal.

Notifications will remain the same, with team members made aware of new acceptance requests from their dashboard and from email notifications from Way We Do.

Checklists with Acceptance are also seamlessly incorporated into reports in the same way as standalone procedures. Managers can view acceptance by team member and by procedure title.  Every version that is accepted is recorded as a pdf file of the accepted version.

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