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Business Boost Grant for Digital Process Automation in QLD

Process Automation

Financing business can be tough, and we encourage all businesses to take advantage of any available grants they may be eligible for. Right now, Queensland-based businesses can apply for a Business Boost grant from the state government of up to $AU15,000 to help improve their efficiency and productivity using automated software and systems.

The good news is you can use these funds to implement management systems and digital process automation through Way We Do.

Our business process management consulting team will work with you to map out core processes, integrate with third party applications you’re already using, and automate processes to maximise your business’ efficiency.

The Queensland Government has now launched the Business Boost Grants Program, and will open the application process on the 30 July.

What can you automate with a Business Boost grant?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to automate processes in your business and connect your digital platforms. Here are five ideas to get the ball rolling.

  1. Management Systems – Tasks, step-by-step processes, and training relating to Quality Management, Information Security Management, and Risk Management are scheduled to run automatically.
  2. HR – When you hire a new employee and add them to your HR system or a spreadsheet, Way We Do can automatically run the ‘Onboard New Employee process automatically, inviting different departments to complete their part of the workflow, in order. Once the steps are completed, Way We Do can post messages automatically to your Slack or Microsoft Teams channel.
  3. Finance – When one of your team members adds a new supplier to your accounting software, it can trigger an automatic vendor review and authorization before you make any payments to them, minimizing the risk of fraudulent activity.
  4. Sales – When your website records a new lead, Way We Do can automatically run a sales qualification process that will ask the right questions up front, and save your sales team time and money. You can also have Way We Do save your prospects details directly into your CRM platform.
  5. Compliance – When a customer submits a complaint by completing a form on your website, Way We Do can automatically runs the ‘Customer Complaint Investigation’ process and invite the right manager to address it.

Request a proposal now from Way We Do

The grant application process often asks you to include a proposal from your intended supplier. If you’re a Queensland-based business and you’re keen to get some government help to boost your business, get in touch with Way We Do today so we can help you with a proposal. These grants are highly competitive, so early preparation is critical – the last round of Queensland Government grants (for Business Basics) closed within three hours of opening due to the number of applications.

The time to prepare is now. We highly recommend you complete your application before the opening date. The Way We Do team are here to help you write your grant application. Don’t miss out!

Email Jacqui Jones at Way We Do for more information or call our Brisbane office on (07) 3113 9333.

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