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Hidden superpowers: The 3 modes of Activated Checklists

Using Way We Do

At first glance, Activated Checklists may seem humdrum, but like Clark Kent, beneath that unassuming exterior lurks a superhero that can overcome your most intimidating business process challenges.

The Power of Business Process Management

At the heart of Activated Checklists is a concept called “business process management”. Instead of working with a fixed list of tasks to complete, business process management gives you the power to build in variables at different steps. As well as including standard activities into your process flow, you can schedule or delay steps, create steps to trigger or be triggered by another event, designate decision points and more. The beauty of this is that in each Activated Checklist you have the flexibility to adapt the workflow to different scenarios, without risking the quality or consistency of the end result.

Creating repeatable processes for consistency and efficiency

Pick n' Pack Process

In creating Activated Checklists, you’re not just building a one-and-done process, but the foundation of a repeatable one you can use again and again. No more reinventing the wheel each time you need to complete a task; you just create a new instance of the Activated Checklist and follow the steps. And the added bonuses? Activated Checklists reduce the risk of individual team members falling into different patterns of completing tasks at work; their consistency means you can predict successful outcomes, and refine your processes to improve efficiency over time.

Understanding cadence and role responsibilities

You can access Activated Checklists easily through Way We Do; you can even create schedules to run them to run at set intervals. The key to success is in understanding the cadence of your business and the processes you run. Be sure to train your team in your procedures processes to so they understand and can take ownership of their roles and responsibilities. They may even begin to suggest improvements themselves. And with your business operating more smoothly, you’ll be better able to focus on other things.

Combining “know how” with process steps

Unlike other systems, Activated Checklists combine the “know how” with the “what” of what needs to be done. The procedure is always available in context of the job at hand, so you won’t forget what you need to do. You can easily assign roles to other team members, rather than having to hard-code people with activity steps, making it easier to manage any changes in personnel or positions.

The 3 modes of Activated Checklists

3 Modes - View, Edit, Run

All you need to know about creating and managing Activated Checklists is: View, Edit, Run.

Use View mode to see the master process you’ve created (the foundation Activated Checklist); and make changes using Edit mode.

Run mode is where you use the master process (Activated Checklist) to record and communicate the work completed. You can also view any instances of the Activated Checklist that are in progress, and their status.

Scaling your business with Activated Checklists

The deeper power of using Activated Checklists lies in their capacity to allow you to scale your business and reduce risk. With more confidence that your staff are following a consistent suite of business processes, you’re better able to manage performance, leverage opportunities, and identify issues before they become critical.

Activated Checklists: The Clark Kent of business process management

Discovering the potential Activated Checklists can help you unlock from your business is just a short conversation away. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to our support team and get ready to unleash your business process superhero.

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