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6 power tips to get on the Way We Do bandwagon

Using Way We Do

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I recently spoke with a Way We Doer who was having trouble getting started on their WWD journey. They wanted to draft their policies and procedures in Word and refine them before loading them to Way We Do – effectively adding another layer of complexity to the task.

It’s not an uncommon issue we face with new users. While they understand the value and the premise in principle, old practices and habits are still strong and take a little practice to overcome. That’s why we’re so committed to a strong customer support service.

The nature of Way We Do gives you complete control to develop, refine, review, edit, change, add and delete policy and procedure content to suit your needs.

1. Explore

As a Way We Doer, you and your team have access to our complete knowledge database, as well as numerous business process management blog articles on how to get the best from the platform. From understanding how to identify and eliminate waste in your business, to tapping into activated checklists that streamline systemization, there’s an article to help.

2. Experiment

Once you’ve got your account set up, try experimenting with some of your simpler processes or procedures. Play around with the different functions and settings to get more acquainted with the Way We Do environment and get inspiration on how to make it work for you.

3. Save time with templates

Way We Do comes with a range of policy, procedure and process templates that you can simply review and customize to suit your needs. If starting up with a blank Way We Do slate seems daunting, these handy templates can come to your rescue and help you get your core content into your repository and out to your staff in minimal time.

4. Get your team on board

Talk to your staff about why you’ve decided to use Way We Do and how it will benefit them—maybe you want to grow your business and you need to streamline processes to achieve that; or you want to reduce the stress on you and your staff by creating order from chaos; it might be to empower your staff to take on more responsibility (and reduce your own workload); or deliver a more consistent standard of service to your customers.

Whatever your reason, giving your staff an insight into your goal, along with the opportunity to contribute to positive change, will make them more enthusiastic about helping you get Way We Do up and running as the core of how you do business.

5. YouTube tutorials

It seems you can find How-To videos for almost anything on YouTube these days. Even Way We Do. Watch our tutorials on our channel, ‘Way We Do’. And remember to subscribe!

6. Get help

We’re here for you! If you need help or have questions about any aspect of Way We Do, simply reach out through the help button on your dashboard, or via our Training Booking page.

And we’re not just here to answer reactive questions. We want to hear what you think, too. If you’ve got ideas or suggestions about things you’d like to see added or improved, let us know!

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