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Prince Albert – The Royal Process Engineer

Business Process Management

2-minute read

Royal history buffs will know well how Queen Victoria’s consort, Prince Albert, loved science and innovation, and we might even think of him as a proto-process engineer.

Stories abound of how, after his marriage to Queen Victoria, he revolutionized the efficient running of the royal households. One in particular tells of how he joined his wife and her companion in a freezing sitting room—the fuel was there, yet the fire remained unlit. When he questioned this, the answer came that the Lord Steward’s men must set the fuel, but only the Lord Chamberlain’s staff could light the fire.

“Wrong answer,” thought Prince Albert, and set about shaking things up, starting with having the same person set the fuel and light the fire. The result of this and other changes he made led not just to the improved comfort of his wife, but smoother running households, including massive cost savings. All hail the Prince!

What tasks and processes are passing through more hands than they need to in your business?

Way We Do gives you the power to create a clear path to benchmark your business against itself. With your processes, policies, and priorities managed in Way We Do’s dynamic live environment, you can explore and experiment with different approaches until you find one that gives you optimal results. And you can do it from anywhere, in the knowledge that all your modifications will roll out to all your staff, everywhere, in real time.

The result will be a stronger, more scalable (and more saleable) business. Prince Albert would be so proud.

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